The FreeBees Project

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Why this Eco Project is Important

Between 2007 and 2013, more than 10 million beehives were lost globally.

This destruction has serious implications on worldwide ecology and economy.


Of the 100 crop species responsible for providing 90% of food worldwide, 71 are dependent on bee pollination, according to UN estimates.

If the bee dies out many flowers will soon follow and the ecosystems fall apart.


After bee populations dropped with another 23% in the winter of 2013, a task force was formed. They sure could use our help to address the issue.

The FreeBees Project helps you make your neighbourhood bee-friendly for free.


Besides ditching any weed killers which can include harmful chemicals we need to start replacing driveways and decking with wildflowers and plant bee-friendly flowers and trees in our gardens, parks and streets. Bees need flowers throughout the year.

About the FreeBees Project


The main goal of this non-profit Eco Project is to save the Bees and with it the ecology and economy worldwide.

Objectives to achieve this goal are:

- Public Awareness

- Citizen Participation

- Precautionary Actions

- Increase Bee Population

- Stimulate Change



The FreeBees Project creates public awareness through social media and by mobilizing the eco-warrior community members to actively participate in discussions and give lectures at schools and colleges. The FreeBees website provides news items and reports on the current state of affairs.


We bring together essential people, companies and organizations willing to participate in solutions to increase the Bee population worldwide:

- BP FreeBees Program (

- Cuddle Bees Provider (

- Organic Bee Flower/Plant Seed Provider (

- Eco Warrior Community (

- Eco Label Providers (

- Eco Startup Investers (

- Eco Solutions Providers (

- Participants (willing to plant Bee flowers/plants and place Bee hotels)

- Media & News Outlets


Cuddly Bees are Real Bees.

They are actually called mason bees.

Cuddly Bees FreeBees EcoProject


Cuddly Bees are like butterflies.

If disturbed, they just fly away.

Cuddly Bees don't sting!


Cuddly Bees look for pollen on many different flowers.

The flowers in your garden will benefit from the pollination.


It's great fun to watch a Cuddly Bee Hotel from up close.

The bees sunbathe, fly away with pollen and build their litter.


Cuddly Bees are also ideal to use during lessons about insects, flowers and pollination in a lively way.

Watch the Video

So how does it work?

Cuddly FreeBees

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